Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Blog Website

Please visit my new blog website for up-to-date posts:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Long Time, No Write

I know that I haven't written on here in quite a while and that is because things have been quite busy.  My boyfriend Philip was offered a job in Little Rock, AR back in November and he took it.  We moved up here at the end of November beginning of December and are finally getting into the swing of things.

Since moving here I was working part-time for Phil's aunt, Laura.  I have had more than enough time on my hands, but I have been spending it mostly looking for jobs or sitting inside trying to stay warm.  I have joined the local YMCA which has been a great place to swim and Phil gave me a trainer for my bike for my birthday (see picture above).  The trainer has been awesome in the 20-something degree weather we have been experiencing in this unseasonably cold Arkansas winter.  I have it set-up in my office and catch up on some of the TV shows I have missed on hulu.  In addition to all of this, Phil and I are in the beginning stages of training for the Capital City Classic 10K on April 3rd.  The 10K (6.2 miles) is hosted by the Little Rock Roadrunner's Club which I have recently joined. 

I have also accepted a position with a local sign shop called Pinnacle Signs & Graphics.  I will be functioning as a marketing expert, graphic designer and office assistant, among other things.  I start Monday and can't wait for the things to finally start getting back to normal.  I will be keeping you posted on the progress of the training for the 10K. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Training Partner

I have a new training partner for the bike, Phil! He bought a rode bike earlier this week and we have already rode three or four times on the Cady Way Trail. It is nice to have someone to ride with on a consistent basis. The only draw back is that he wants to ride all the time, but some days I have to run or swim or most importantly, REST! I think that I’m beginning to find a balance with this by doing more brick workouts.

When I first started training to do a triathlon, I had to do a lot of foundation work and build-up my endurance in my new sports. But now that I’m training for my second triathlon, I have started doing more complex and longer workouts.

For example, today I joined the TriManiacs for a coached swim at the Cady Way Pool. The coach sets up the workout and gives you feed back while you swim. Well, the workout that was scheduled today is much more technical and longer than any other swimming workout I have ever done. Overall I believe I swam about 1300 meters in an hour and did about six different drills. I think the most I have ever swam before this was like 1000 meters (maybe). But these longer and more complex workouts already seem to be benefiting me.

Yesterday I did a brick workout where I rode 10 miles with Phil and then ran 3 miles afterwards. I didn’t run the 3 miles at any personal record or anything, but I felt pretty good. I just have to keep up with it.

Only one month to go!